Smartly Innovative Kitchens & Curvaceous Countertops In Futuristic Appeal

You may have never seen such sight in a mere kitchen, yes, mere indeed. But for the following kitchens you will absolutely call them stunners or charmers since their looks are highly extraordinary. It is the Furniture artisans at SplinterWorks, which was formed in 2009 by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington in the South of England that came of the idea of “particular affinity with developing work that re-thinks how we prepare, cook and experience food” and livens up the thoughts into this very collection.

Instead of appearing in their old shapes and sizes and playing colors more, these designs bravely take another route and are the first to impress us in their sophisticated and futuristic appearances. Leaving old school aspects behind, these designs like countertops are also at front seen from their functions as well. More storage to keep stuff organized better and more neat are available. The materials used still involves woods, steels and etc. which give them glossy, shiny and classy looks that will woo everyone who see them. Their presences may be quite bizarre and peculiar which become their biggest attractiveness to take everyone’s attention. Their ways of assisting are off course more qualified than the usual ones.

Hard to explain their completions so we invite you to check all images on the designs that we share here. Be ready to be surprised yourself for these kitchens’ attractions are no joke.

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