Serene and Cozy Industrial Loft Apartment in Kiev

An industrial loft apartment in Kiev, Ukraine rests in most serene situation that embraces earthy feels to be refreshed with. The fact that the space is made of mainly concrete, you may see a new perspective in home designing that may impress you with modesty and calmness altogether. Designed by Thank Balbek of design studio 2B Group , this apartment has strong originality and bold personality which becomes its leading qualities.

The open plan loft is really in warm atmosphere with few decorations and furniture around. The use of stones and concretes in huge uses make it a quite fresh space to feel the breezy feels all day long and night as well. Wooden accent from stuff around does help it maintain homey feels and reduces cold vibes. The nicest thing is that you can have some colors there to be in high spirit. Yellows are everywhere to shine while some green accents do make it relaxing even more. The rooms are spacious letting more spaces for many purposes. The bedroom has vast area to feel cozy. The bathroom that also takes its place there is quite socking but not so bad since the private place is yours. The bathtub on platform with natural stones right behind the bed is really a new thing to see but it will work nice if you like to have immediate bath once you open your eyes. The wooden tub and backsplashes are really stunning which interest us most. You can witness the cool loft and its details from the images we share here. For young people, this one may be one of the most interesting designs to inspire. Indeed, this apartment is charming in many ways.

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