Mystically Beautiful and Elegant Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

Let’s go to Asia and peek some inspirational designs on home décor and accessories for they are known for gorgeous stuff and unique things to get inspirational ideas to turn your spaces into the better and nicer ones. These are taken from a contemporary Asian apartment in minimalist treat that exude charms and elegance.  It comes to life through an incredible designer’s hands from Indonesia, Romi. This Indonesian talent shows the mystical beauty of Asian and all the charms they have to boast.

Eastern appeal is rich and very strong which remarks originality and genuine taste as well as personality. The strong attachment to religion, cultures, and arts which are strongly and tightly embraced do affect these decorations and furniture. Asian aesthetics are no joke. They get your space a lot better and cozier with certain characteristics to be happy with. The white space is filled with stuff in whimsical way but full of eclecticism to stand out. An aged leather chair is found taking its place there to steal attention with its historical charm and traditional elegance. There are no fixed rules there. You may not understand the selection of decoration but they work outstandingly well done there. The rug in rainbow color is sweet, the white table with Buddha’s sculpture, bonsai, and candle are shining, and the abstract painting hanging o the wall is eye-catching. While too much things happening in the living space, the dining area is a lot calmer but still is very sexy. The dining set is in classical look while the kitchen is in modern euphoria but they gel well there. There are so many things we want to share but it is quite impossible so we want you to check all the images by yourself and tell us what you like about it. The Asian magnets are still in power which cannot be under estimated.

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