Fabulous Ideas for Boys Bathroom

A private bathroom for boys is slightly different from the girl. Even though you might get the same furniture and appliances inside the bathroom, but you need to make sure that the decoration is really different due to the gender. You can have some adorable stuff, but try to pick the cool one rather than the cute one to help them develop their character.

For instance, the Mickey Mouse decoration inside the bathroom seems to be so interesting for them. Various checkered decoration with some Mickey Mouse patterns on it looks really awesome for a small boy. The Mickey Mouse backsplash that you have will be worth it. The white bathroom curtain with Mickey Mouse picture on it adds the interest for them. Now, you can try to compare it with a more playful décor set in the bathroom. This boy’s bathroom design seems to be so interesting with the giraffe decoration on the wall. The orange and blue wall paint makes the bathroom looks more interesting. It could also be an alternative for those who do not like the Mickey Mouse design.

In the other hand, you can try to have a simpler design which also looks so adorable for a small boy. The light blue wall color is really simple for a kid’s bathroom design. There are also all-white appliances that make the bathroom more comfortable for everybody. Even though this design is simple, but it could be a good alternative for those whom do not want to have a lot of accessories and decoration within the boy’s bathroom design. Designing a boy’s private bathroom will be much simpler than the girl will’s one. By combining some colors without having some accessories on nit could be a good choice to make a simple boy’s bathroom. However, you can also try to have some adorable accessories and decoration to make it looks more fabulous.

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